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Replacement Kit R100

For all models from 1981


To provide the engine oil with the appropriate cooling, we also recommend the fitting of an additional oil sump spacer ring or an oil cooler kit.

ART. NR.1100100 | 2V-Boxer

The Replacement Kit from Siebenrock provides everything that the enthusiast for classical BMW models appreciates for fitting out the R100 models (GS, R, RS, RT, CS) from 1981 onwards with high quality components.

In addition to two nicasil-coated cylinders, the kit includes forged pistons that are 110 gram lighter than the originals as well as high-quality piston ring sets and piston pins with all associated retaining rings. A comprehensive installation guide and a TÜV approval round off the set.

As with its small sister, the 1000 cc gets a real increase in power and torque over the entire power spectrum after the Replacement Kit has been fitted. A good 67 hp is available after the modification. Once in use, the kit shows an improvement in quiet-running and - because of the lighter pistons - a not to be despised measure of spontaneity.

The use of an asymmetrical Siebenrock cam shaft is recommended as a performance and torque-enhancing measure.

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