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Cylinder head cover extra

Accessible from the front, 2V Boxer from '69 onwards

ART. NR.1112241 | 2V-Boxer

They were was always an eye-catcher – hardly any engine has been pictured so often in the relevant magazines as the BMW Boxer. It is not only a practical machine, it is also visually attractive – and goes even further in this segment: the many different kinds of Siebenrock cylinder head covers can be substituted for the original product. Whether it is the polished version or the one with the integral oil filler, there is something here for every taste.

This cylinder head cover in the classical form can be fitted very easily as the thread is accessible from the front – in contrast to the original part. This avoids the bothersome fumbling between the cooling fins. Suitable for all 2V Boxers from the 1969 model onwards.

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30.01.2017 |  From 100 to 0 Original design, state-of-the-art technology, more safety