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Oil cooler kit, central

Complete and for all 2V Boxer models

ART. NR.1142400 | 2V-Boxer

o perfectly lubricate an engine under load and to absorb the considerable thermal effects of city driving or over rough terrain, the engine oil should be kept constantly at the optimum temperature. The Siebenrock Oil Cooler Kit provides exactly this facility. The light alloy cooler is fitted below the steering head so that it is protected in the case of a crash. The system provides the optimum supplement to the Siebenrock Power Kit or the Replacement Kit.

In addition to the cooler itself, the following are supplied: an oil filter, a complete gasket fitting set, including high-quality pipes and all necessary attachment parts. We recommend the use of an HPN thermostat (Art. No. 1142300) that enables a healthy warm-up phase (starts to open at 90 degrees; full flow at 110 degrees).

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