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Clutch TOURING K-Models

For K100 K1100 K1


Our oil-proof clutch is a huge safety plus for globetrotters,  touring motorcyclists, and well, any who travel a lot, because now the journey continues even with oil in the clutch. The upcoming repair can safely wait until the next visit to the workshop - at home! Please check the oil level frequently!

ART. NR.2122795 | K-Models

Oil-resistant clutch-friction-disc TOURING for K100 K1100 K1 Models

Premiere of a new star among the SIEBENROCK products: the world's first dryclutch that doesn´t absorb oil and therefore can not glaze. A patented method of tempering makes this possible. The organic coating offers a soft response, more accurate behaviour and 100percent torque transfer. Since it is also extremely resistant to abrasion, our clutch keeps much longer than the standard version.

All benefits of this world first in our actual NEWS.

Compare with 21211464795

Please check diaphragm spring and pressure plate and replace if necessary.

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30.01.2017 |  From 100 to 0 Original design, state-of-the-art technology, more safety