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Siebenrock proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary: From garage sale to international top brand


Wendlingen. Perhaps unlike any other brand, Siebenrock represents the know-how and ongoing innovation surrounding the classical BMW two-valve boxer models. All began 30 years previously with the enthusiasm of one single man: BMW aficionado Jochen Siebenrock, then student of architecture, sold used parts for BMW motorcycles - first to friends and friends of friends; but then the demand grew so great that - on December 21, 1984 - he officially registered a business.

New product line Siebenrock VarioShock: high quality shocks with that certain something


When a gifted designer like Jochen Siebenrock teams up with a recognized suspension specialist like Hubert Hofmann from HH Race-Tech, BMW-aficionados may look forward to something special.That is to say a product line of high quality shock-absorbers exclusively developed for Siebenrock and made in Germany. Needless to say - as usual with Siebenrock - with that certain something. All of the new Siebenrock VarioShock shock-absorbers are adjustable in length by +/- 10 mm to be specific.

Small Boxer, Big Fun: Siebenrock releases Power Kits for R 45 and R 65


Pure joy of riding on a R 45 or R 65? Those who shake their heads in disbelieve should better take a look at the freshly developed Siebenrock Power Kits. With a fabulous 860 ccm the „Small“ become true cornering monsters. The numbers convince even the most tenacious of skeptics: The R 65 boasts some 20 % more power and a maximum torque of 75 Nm at 4200 rpm. Even more drastic is the gain on the R 45: it already reaches its maximum torque of 70 Nm at 2500 rpm and with 30 % more power it puts a big smile on the faces of even the toughest riders of „big“ motorcycles.

Back and better than ever - instrument housings for all /6, /7 and Monolever models to YOM 1995


Owners of the classic BWM on-road motorcycles have all good reasons to be pleased: the instrument housing for all /6, /7 and Monolever models to YOM 1995 is back again. Not on hand at BMW for a long time, this sought after component is now available as an improved Siebenrock-product.

As usual with the BMW-specialists from Wendlingen the new housing looks exactly like the original so the Youngtimer’s classic looks are preserved. The quality however was put to the test bench and - with great attention to detail - improved, in materials as well as in manufacturing. Amongst other things, Siebenrock gave all the inner fixing points long-living metal thread-inserts.

The recognizable front fender of the G/S models available as an improved Siebenrock remake


The wide front fender of the G/S models is not available at BMW for quite some time, however wanted by aficionados of the most classic of all BMW-Enduros for preservation of the original visual appearance. Siebenrock now offers a new and improved remake of this recognizable design.

Of course the new G/S fender can not be told apart from its predecessor by sight of eye, in terms of stability however it is one step ahead. The GRP (glass reinforced plastics) is non-breakable, permanently elastic and shape-holding. The fender comes in neutral black and thus makes for an ideal basis for a paint job to individual taste.

More upright, more comfortable more ergonomic: The Siebenrock S-Cockpit "Touring"


The new Siebenrock S-Cockpit „Touring“ combines the popular CaféRacer-look for classic BMW Boxers with true touring qualities. The handlebar-attached fairing was developed for all /6, /7 and Monolever models to YOM 1995 and can not be told from the original on first sight, however following the Siebenrock-philosophy was improved in detail.

Those who take a second look will notice that the Siebenrock-fairing offers more space in the region of the handlebars. And for good reason, opposed to the BMW S-Cockpit the Siebenrock alternative offers the possibility to fit a touring handlebar. Consequently it enables the rider to sit more upright, more comfortably and more ergonomically, so the big tour is not going to end at the next café.

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