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From a garage-sale enterprise to the BMW-riders mekka

Siebenrock is a synonym for a story of success that is uncommon even for the highly innovative bike-business branch.

Architecture student and thrilled BMW-enthusiast Jochen Siebenrock solved the problem in scarceness of used BMW-spares on the market these days in a stunningly simple manner - he started to deal with spares by himself without hesitation.


In the meantime it became commonly known, that there are used BMW-spares available in the Büsnau district of Stuttgart - the biz is humming.


Jochen Siebenrock makes his degree in architecture and from this time on starts working as an architect while continuing to sell BMW-spares part-time.


The garage becomes too small - Siebenrock needs more storage area and a salesroom : a small factory building in the neighborhood features ideal conditions and becomes a first place-to-go for aficionados of the 2-valve flat twin.


Jochen Siebenrock makes his dealership in BMW-bikes, parts and accessories for 2-valve flat twins a full-time job with 2 salaried employees.


The first self-developed Siebenrock-product arrives : the popular round valve cover already following the maxim : "unchanged in the looks, technically improved". The improvement Siebenrock found to ease the assembly is later-on adapted in the production-run by BMW itself.


To the displeasure of many BMW-rides the popular Krauser pannier is no longer available. Siebenrock starts an own production - completely new engineered and much more ruggedized than the original, but thanks to the use of the originally looking cover not to be discriminated from the latter at first glance.


The line of Siebenrock products is growing continuosly. In the meantime noble leather bags and complete luggage systems for the /5, /6 and /7- as well as the mono lever-models are available.


Siebenrock changes his legal status from Siebenrock GbR to Siebenrock GmbH.


Speeded by the success the improved remakes of sought-after accessories for the 2-valve flat twins showed Jochen Siebenrock presents the first complete in-house development : the 1000 cc Power-Kit for all R 80-models which meanwhile became sort of a legend.


Owners of  an R100 are also thrilled : the second power-boost kit from the Siebenrock company is released on the market in the form of the Replacement-Kit. Slowly but steadily the "Siebenrock" name becomes a synonym for torque and power optimization of the 2-valve flat twin engine.


To guarantee for his high standards of quality throughout the company, Siebenrock introduces a systematically organized quality management that is documented to the public by the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.


In spite of all expansions the Stuttgart based office finally became too small. Siebenrock switches to a new business location  at Wendlingen /Neckar, which  offers an area of 1240  square meters plus outside section, by far more than before.


The new business location grow fast into a "mekka for BMW-riders": Many 2-valve flat twin aficionados accept a jounrney of 200 kilometers and more for a visit at Siebenrock.


1070 cc, genuine 78 horse powers and a torque exceeding 92 Nm for every 1000 cc flat twin from 1981 on : Siebenrock's Big Bore-Kit eclipses everything hitherto existing in 2-valve street legal flat twins and impressivly proves that more can be realized in terms of  boosting the power of 2-valve flat twins than has been assumed so far.


Another highlight of the Siebenrock product lineup are the new exhaust pipes and muffler systems, all together homologated to the EU-conform ABE standard. There are classic style mufflers for the mono-lever models as well as the popular cigar-shaped ones for the /5-models and the newly developed SGS2 exhaust system for the R 80/100 and GS-models. The latter saves a total of 5 kg in weight while considerable increasing power and torque at the same time and persuading in sound and design.


Siebenrock starts to assemble complete bikes to the customers preference. The Siebenrock-2-valve flat twin bikes simply called "GS2" inspire experts and enjoy a great popularity amongst BMW-aficionados looking for something special.


Siebenrock underlines his productive efficiency during the Intermot fair with product innovations around the 2-valve flat twins from seats across break discs up to the optimization of gear boxes.


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