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Improved reproduction Headlight/Speedo housing

Thanks to modern PE injection molding technology, this part is inherently stable and paintable. Many details have been improved resulting in a perfect fit. For G/S models from 80 - 87 and GS models from 87 - 90. Available in black or white.


A small but important part

Is your odometer reset button cracked? If so, act quickly before damage occurs. With our new replacement odometer reset button cover your speedometer will once again be water tight.


Control Light board for G/S and GS Models

Continual development: After the completion of our headlight/speedo housing, we immediately set out to reproduce the remaining components. This perfectly fitting, CNC machined control light board is of the highest quality and offers many GS riders a long sought after solution. Compatible with the original and our reproduction headlight housing.


Gearbox / swing arm boot

Sound familiar? When installing the swing arm boot, it slips off just when you thought it was in place. Those days are gone thanks to this innovative, improved boot which features an inside groove that positively holds the boot in position.


R80 G/S and ST Exhaust System in Black or Chrome

Now you can have a high quality, perfect reproduction of the original exhaust. Available either in black chrome or bright chrome, we offer the headers, collector and silencer for the legendary G/S models including the Paris Dakar version.


Bushing for 5 Speed Gearbox

The 2nd gear bushing of the output shaft has always been a weak link, especially since it was not available as a replacement part. Now we can offer your gearbox a longer service life with this Siebenrock bushing in top quality.


17.5 degree 33mm Input Shaft Gear for 5 Speed Gearbox

Siebenrock and Erb Motorentechnik consistently evaluate and test the gears, then manufacture with innovative refinements that are time tested and proven. Now also available for models before 3/85


Speedometer Cable Boot

The infamous gearbox killer: An old, cracked speedometer cable boot will allow water to enter the gearbox and mix with the oil. This can lead to serious and expensive damage. This new boot has an improved form and function, plus a tighter fit and thanks to the highly flexible NBR material, water is effectively sealed out.


Right Battery Cover for R80 G/S and R80 ST

Straight to the point: Paintable black PE injection molded reproduction.



Left Battery Cover for R80 G/S and R80 ST

Paintable black PE injection molded reproduction. The smooth, satin black surface is the perfect basis for painting.


Instrument Cluster Visor Rings

Top quality reproductions for the speedometer and tachometer. Direct replacements, available individually. Fits /6/7 and R90S as well as Monolever models up to 96


Injection Molded PE battery Covers in Black

For R45 and R65 up to model year 1985. Yet another robust and paintable black PE injection molded reproduction part. The smooth, satin black surface can be painted but it also looks great as it is.


Oil-Proof Clutch

We are continually increasing our product offering. Now the oil-proof clutch is also available for the R45/65 models. Our patented oil-proof clutch disk shines thanks to its long-wearing organic friction material. It also offers a smooth transition, excellent response and a long service life. The oil-proof clutch means that a leaking seal does not need to mean the end of a trip; a great safety feature for long distance travelers.

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