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More upright, more comfortable more ergonomic: The Siebenrock S-Cockpit "Touring"


The new Siebenrock S-Cockpit „Touring“ combines the popular CaféRacer-look for classic BMW Boxers with true touring qualities. The handlebar-attached fairing was developed for all /6, /7 and Monolever models to YOM 1995 and can not be told from the original on first sight, however following the Siebenrock-philosophy was improved in detail.

Those who take a second look will notice that the Siebenrock-fairing offers more space in the region of the handlebars. And for good reason, opposed to the BMW S-Cockpit the Siebenrock alternative offers the possibility to fit a touring handlebar. Consequently it enables the rider to sit more upright, more comfortably and more ergonomically, so the big tour is not going to end at the next café.

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