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Novità mondiale - Il disco della frizione resistente all olio - Touring


Many bikers know the situation: You enjoy a beautiful ride - seconds later ... The breakdown!

The wheels have stopped, because the clutch is slipping! What now? Not  much of a chance to continue riding – as a new clutch must be found. Especially when abroad, this can easily cost a couple of days, as a clutch replacement is time-consuming.

The reason for such a dilemma often starts in a not noticed or harmless way: All it takes is just a few drops of oil to reach the friction disc - for example from a leaking crank shaft rear seal and it can bring sudden death to a conventional dry clutch. 

Not anymore ! BMW motorcycles specialist Siebenrock together with ERB Motorentechnik, present a sensational world first! The innovative team from Wendlingen has developed a new dry clutch, which unlike the original BMW part is fully operational even in a bath of oil.

This can mean a " Huge safety plus“ for  globetrotters,  touring motorcyclists, and well, any who travel a lot. „With  this Siebenrock innovation installed, the trip can continue safely  even with oil in the clutch"  - says Jochen Siebenrock - "Just remember to top up that leak till it is repaired  !   " 

Sports riders  also  have a gain with this new part as the patented friction disc has already had  extensive tests on the racetrack and demonstrated that it can transfer much higher torque than the original part, even with such extreme stress.  

Thanks to it’s organic coating, it also  presents a soft response and more accurate behaviour. Gone are the days when better acceleration had to be purchased with hard behavior. This new clutch, in conjunction with the well known SIEBENROCK engine kits also offers gains of 2-4 hp more.

Another merit of the wear-resistant coating is  the significantly longer life  compared with the original part. Jochen Siebenrock promises  "With a normal riding style our new clutch will often last a full motorcycle lifetime" .

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