Ordinance waste oils

Instruction referred to § 8 AltölV (Ordinance on Waste Oils)

In connection with the distribution of combustion engines and gear oil, as well as oil filters (for motors and gears) we, as the retailer, are, according to the Ordinance on Waste Oils, bound to inform about regulations and responsibilities referring to this and to advise clients or rather consumers on this.

We point out that waste oils as well as waste that accrues through oil changes, e.g. oil filters are dangerous goods that have to be depolluted environmentally sound.

You can give off waste oil of the amount of the combustion engines and gear oil that you bought at our shop as well as oleaginous waste that accrues periodically through an oil change, e.g. oil filters (for motors and gears) at our point of sale or rather our place of dispatch freebie during our opening hours or ship it at your own expense in a package that is approved for the transport of hazardous goods to us for a disposal free of charge. Any admixture of extraneous material, for example thinner, brake or cooling fluid, is illegal.

Place of return is our shipping point:
Siebenrock GmbH
Wertstrasse 34
73240 Wendlingen